Smoked Pheasant

  1. Take whole pheasant and cut in half between legs and breast

  2. Put a light coating of either honey or your favorite BBQ on the legs of the pheasant

  3. Lightly salt and pepper the breast and then a light coating of honey

  4. Set the smoker to smoke (if you have a Traeger) if not, set the temperature to 130-145 degrees

  5. Once the smoker is at temperature, set legs and breast right one the grill/rack

  6. Close Smoker

  7. Let smoke for 2-2.5 hours

  8. Turn up temperature to 350 and cook for 30-40 minutes

  9. Pheasant should be cooked to 160-165 internal temperature

  10. Remove pheasant legs and breasts from smoker and let rest for 10-15 minutes

  11. Remove meat from breast with knife and tongs

  12. Then remove meat from legs with knife and tongs

  13. Best served with mashed potatoes and gravy and creamed corn


-Tim Berges, Fall Obsession Field Staff