Kobe Brungard


Kobe Brungard

Proudly Serving Fall Obsession Since 2019
Level II Field Staff
Lock Haven, PA



From Kobe:

Hey, my name is Kobe Brungard. I’m 21 years old and living in Clinton County Pennsylvania. I’m currently studying forestry at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Whenever I’m not at class or working, I’m hunting, shooting, fishing or thinking of the next creature coming into season. Deer hunting has always been something we do every year, but that’s about all we normally did until recently when I decided I wanted to try something else. This led to hunting anything that flies, runs, hops and swims. I’m always looking for new ways to hunt and improve myself. I like to think that since I never got to hunt with my Pap before he passed, I can now do enough hunting for the both of us. Keep an eye on me from up there, Pap.

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