Kurt Echelberry

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Kurt Echelberry

Proudly Serving Fall Obsession Since 2019
Level I Field Staff
Tiffin, OH


Aug. 2019 Staffer of the Month

From Kurt:

I was born and raised in the small farming town of Willard, Ohio. With most of my family sharing the same interest in the outdoors as me, I was fortunate to grow up with plenty of family-owned land to hunt on. I would spend hours upon hours each day learning the sport and scouring the land. This is where my interest of being a fair-chase archery hunter turned into a passion.

In my early teens, after harvesting a few small Ohio bucks, my parents and I moved to the western slope of the great state of Colorado. I spent the next 14 years hunting any possible tag, from black bears, to mule deer, to bull elk, that I could draw. From the first trek to the last, I was always amazed at the terrain covered on those hunts and was in awe of the beauty that these mountains have to offer. This was a different game than Ohio white-tail hunting, one with new challenges and exciting rewards.

I quickly knew that chasing big game was going to be part of my yearly to-do list. After much dedication and determination, I claimed the tags on two prized bull elk and a stunning black bear. I have recently moved back to the birthplace of aviation, and in addition to hunting the woods of the Ohio planes, have taken my hunting ventures to the hills of West Virginia, where I have harvested several turkeys and am aiming to stick a whitetail this season. Whether it is eastern whitetails, Colorado big game, or a new hunting experience, I am excited to take on the challenge of representing Fall Obsession.

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