Tim Berges

Tim Berges

Proudly Serving Fall Obsession Since 2018
Level V Field Staff
Denver, CO


Oct. 2018 Staffer of the Month

From Tim:

Hello all, I am Tim Berges born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  I live Denver, Colorado with my wife Kristin.  Living in Colorado has given me many incredible hunting opportunities. I have been hunting for 17 years with a gun and several years before that, when I was too young to carry.  One of my greatest passions is for pheasant hunting and teaching others how to do it.  I have a young yellow lab in training named Riley.  I also enjoy hunting whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, coyotes, doves, and turkeys.  This past summer, I went to South Africa for a mission trip. This trip included a safari in which, I took a beautiful Male Impala. 

Hunting has expanded my mind and built relationships, which has allowed my passion for hunting to grow.  Hunting is a constant reminder to me of how great God and his creation are.  It is truly amazing to see how the environment provides for animals.  It reminds me how incredible He is.  Relationships and connections are built through hunting, and anyone that you are able to hunt with you will create a connection to. Being out in the woods, wheat fields, or mountain tops with another hunter changes the way you communicate and relate with each other.  One of my greatest joys is how awesome it feels to take someone on their first hunt.  I have had the pleasure of taking 2 people close to me on their first hunt in the last year.  It is a feeling like no other to see to emotion when a person takes their first animal, and to see their eyes light up when the pheasants flush and they lead one and drop them out of sky.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about hunting in Colorado, upland bird hunting, or just want to chat.  Hope to help anyway I can.

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