Fall Obsession began in July of 2010 as a small newsletter.  For nearly two years, Fall Obsession Owner & CEO Sam Thrash would write a single hunting related article each month and send it out to a very small list of subscribers.  In May of 2012, Sam had the idea to convert Fall Obsession into an online Blog, and from there began sharing his personal hunting and outdoor experiences with others.  Slowly, Fall Obsession’s online presence began to grow.

In 2015, Fall Obsession launched its very first Field Staff Program, which allowed for other hunters from different States to join Fall Obsession and contribute with their own knowledge and experience. The Field Staff Program started small, but was such a success that soon a Pro Staff Level position was added and more and more hunters began to join every year. Even today, the Pro and Field Staff Programs are still thriving, and several members of that original 2015 Field Staff continue to serve Fall Obsession in various capacities. Our Staffers have all played a big part in the growth of our organization over the years, and we remain very proud of their contributions and accomplishments.

2018 was a big year for Fall Obsession. This is when the transition was finally made from the old, original Blog format to the new website platform you see today. This website is custom designed for easy access and delivery of all the various forms of hunting and outdoor media we produce. Some say Fall Obsession went through an official “re-brand” during this time, as we recreated our appearance with a new, very distinguishable black and orange deer skull logo, as well as redefining our company vision and goals for the future.

Now, nearly nine years since that first newsletter was sent out, Fall Obsession reaches thousands of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts nationwide. Having over 25 individuals on Staff, Fall Obsession has grown into an effective organization, specializing in providing quality product reviews, educational content and other forms of online outdoor media to the everyday hunter and outdoorsman!


Fall Obsession is a hunting and outdoor media production company.  Our vision is to be the most reliable information source available for all hunters and outdoorsmen who are seeking better knowledge and education in areas such as hunting tactics, product use, and various hunting environmental challenges.  Through our own passion for hunting, our hard work, our personal experiences and our personal use of products, we hope to build a better generation of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

We believe hunting and outdoor shows on TV today are exciting and entertaining, yet the practical side of the experiences and opportunities shown are often times very unrealistic and inapplicable to the everyday hunter.  Through Fall Obsession, you will find the same level of high quality content and productions, only in the form of experiences and information that you can relate to, and hopefully apply to your everyday hunting and outdoor experiences.

We work hard to earn your trust as a valued source of information.  We find value in reviewing any and all gear or products we utilize in the field, even without an endorsement from a company or brand. All of our product reviews come from our own experienced Staff, who have each taken their personal time to field test and prove these products in real life, real world situations. If it works for us, we promise it will work for you!


Our Administrative Staff is currently based out of North Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  However, our reach is much farther!  On top of our online presence, we are proud to have an amazing group of Pro and Field Staffers representing us in 14 different states across America and Canada! 

Our Staff is more than dedicated to sharing their own experiences for the benefit of others, and encouraging others to do to the same. We each make it our priority to demonstrate smart, ethical hunting at all times. We are not paid to do this, nor do we think of ourselves as celebrities.  We are normal people and normal hunters. We have normal jobs and normal lives and we each find ourselves in similar every day situations as you.

We hope our normalcy to be an attraction to you, the everyday hunter. All of our quality content is meant to be offered at a knowledge, experience and even financial level you can relate to. Everything we do revolves around a single purpose…making YOU a better hunter.


We did not build Fall Obsession for us, we built it for you.  Fall Obsession is meant to be a beneficial educational tool for everyone.  As our hard work pays off and Fall Obsession continues to grow, we hope more and more hunters far and wide will be encouraged and benefit from all that they find here.  After all, it's not just hunting...it's an obsession!