Staffer Program




Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fall Obsession Staffer! Fall Obsession is a hunting and outdoor media production company. We are based out of North Texas, and made up of individuals dedicated to building better hunters and outdoorsmen across North America.

We have utilized tools such as our custom educational website platform and social media pages to publish a wide variety of original content. This includes high quality video productions, product reviews, educational articles, pictures and more! Through the online hunting community, we have built a strong following of like minded hunters and outdoorsmen who diligently show us their support Nationwide! We currently have over 25 Representatives on Staff with locations in 14 different States and 2 Countries. Each of our Representatives maintain a strong physical presence among their own local hunting communities by regularly attending trade shows, conventions, tournaments and other public events!

Our vision is to be the most reliable and accessible source available for hunting and outdoor information, reaching all hunters and outdoorsmen who are seeking to better their own knowledge and education in areas such as hunting tactics, product use, and various hunting environmental challenges. As we continue to grow and produce quality content, we hope to add more experienced hunters such as yourself to our team! We want to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with our audience, and help us build better hunters!




As a Fall Obsession Field Staffer, your primary job will be to send us content showcasing your experience, knowledge and recent outdoor endeavors. Your content (pictures, videos, articles, reviews, etc.) will be posted on our website and social media pages, while being credited to you. Contributing through educational articles and/or product reviews is strongly encouraged. All submitted content will be reviewed and approved by a Fall Obsession Administrator prior to being published.

If you as Field Staffer were to submit a high quality filmed hunt, including an intro, the hunt itself (including the kill shot), and recovery of the animal, it will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel in addition to our website. Depending on the nature of the kill and the quality of the video, it also may be shown in the upcoming season of our online hunting show, “Fall Obsessed Outdoors”, following Administrative approval.

As you send us content (pictures, videos, articles, reviews, etc.), you will begin to accumulate credit points based on your content. These credit points will allow you progress within the Field Staff Program. We have set different brackets, or “Levels” as we refer to them, to track Field Staffers as they build up points.

Once you have built up enough points to meet your current Level’s maximum number of points, you will progress to the next Level up. Upon joining our Field Staff, you will automatically start as a Level I Field Staffer. The Field Staff Program Levels are set as listed below…

Level I 0-250 accumulated points
Level II 250-500 accumulated points
Level III 500-750 accumulated points
Level IV 750-1000 accumulated points
Level V 1000-1250 accumulated points

Every subject you submit (subjects being pictures, videos, articles, etc.) is worth a set number of credit points, which you will be awarded once published. The more content you have published, the more your credit points begin to accumulate. The content credit point values are listed below…

1 Photo 10 credit points
1 Video 20 credit points
1 Article/Written Review 25 credit points
1 Website Link 5 credit points

You will receive 1 (one) additional point for every “Like” your content receives on social media within the first 24 hours following publication.

Upon completion of each Field Staff Level, you will receive an award from Fall Obsession. These awards include, but are not limited to official Fall Obsession brand gear/apparel, products from our sponsors, and other approved products such as camo, game calls, decoys and more! We also present a monthly “Staffer of the Month Award”, recognizing the Staffer with the highest activity level during that given month. Both Pro Staffers and Field Staffers are eligible to receive this award, as it is based on your performance, not your Staffing Level or credit points alone.

The total number of credit points you accumulate over time will remain with you. This means when we transition to a new Staffing Year (every August), and you choose to remain a part of our Staff during such a time, you will not lose any of your credit points. Your points and Member Level will carry over into the new Staffing Year.

Upon your annual Fall Obsession start date, you will be required to sign a yearly “Letter of Intent” document in order to keep your position on Staff during the upcoming year.

As a Field Staffer, you will also be eligible to receive exclusive benefits and/or discounts from our sponsors. You can opt out of these benefits should you wish, but if you do, your content will then have to be filtered prior to publication to ensure there are no conflicts of interest against our sponsors.




So you continue to advance through the Field Staff Program, moving up from Level to Level. What happens next? How far can you go? Upon meeting certain requirements, Field Staffers now have the option to apply for and promote to a Pro Staff position. The Pro Staff Program has slightly different requirements and program structure. While Pro Staffers do receive more in the form of Level advancement awards and select sponsor discounts, more is also required of a Pro Staffer than that of a Field Staffer. The Pro Staff Program is a separate application process. In order to become a Pro Staffer, you must first meet these prerequisites… 

  • A minimum of 1 year as an active member of Fall Obsession’s Field Staff Program

  • Must be a Level V Field Staffer at minimum, equivalent to 1000 accumulated credit points or more

  • Complete and return Fall Obsession’s Pro Staff Application packet

  • Undergo an official review of your recent activity and involvement with the organization, conducted by a Fall Obsession Administrator

Any eligible Field Staffer may apply for Pro Staff Membership at any time during the Staffing Year. If you are eligible for Pro Staff Membership, yet choose to not apply and remain a Field Staffer, it does not prevent you from applying for Pro Staff at a later date, should you choose to do so. Advancing to Pro Staff is not a requirement. For more detailed information regarding Pro Staff Membership, please contact one of our Administrators




There are a few additional rules, regulations and expectations we have of you as a Field Staffer. We expect you to recognize, follow and adhere to the following guidelines in order to remain an active Staff Member in good standing with Fall Obsession. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in an official Administrative review, and possible removal from our Field Staff Program.

  • You will be expected to submit a minimum of 2 (two) separate subjects per month for publication (subjects being videos, articles, pictures, etc.)

  • A Fall Obsession Administrator will notify you if you become eligible to receive a Level advancement award, or if you win the Staffer of the Month award. Upon being notified, you will have 30 days to respond and claim your award. If you fail to respond within 30 days, Fall Obsession is then relieved of any obligation to send you any award.

  • When you submit a picture and/or video for publication, you are giving Fall Obsession the right to use that picture or video at any time in the future for company purposes, even in the event you resign or are removed from our organization.

Fall Obsession takes professionalism and ethics very seriously. As a Field Staffer representing Fall Obsession, you will be subject to the following standards, otherwise known as our “Code of Ethics”. Failure to meet these standards may result in an official Administrative review, and possible removal from our Field Staff Program.

  1. Uphold yourself in a professional manner, and refrain from any profanity or violent actions

  2. While you are a hunter, you must show respect for the animal(s) which you pursue

  3. No negative comments about Fall Obsession, any of our sponsors, or any of our Staff

  4. Promote Fall Obsession professionally in any submitted content, as well as in day to day interaction with other hunters

  5. No drug or alcohol use may be shown in ANY submitted content

  6. No shooting from a vehicle

  7. No illegal baiting (restrictions may vary depending on State and County)

  8. Ensure all kills shown are clean, and no poor shot placement or wounded animals are shown

  9. Ensure you clearly identify your target and surroundings before taking a shot

  10. Remain aware of all laws effecting you in the location from which you hunt




Are you ready to become a Fall Obsession Field Staffer? We're always looking for skilled and knowledgeable hunters to provide quality content, benefiting the greater hunting and outdoor community! To begin your application process, please fill out the form below and a Fall Obsession Representative will be in contact with you shortly.