Dove Hunting Tips

  • Wear some blaze orange

    • Making yourself easier to see is a big step in preventing accidents from happening

    • I have never noticed a difference in how the doves fly around me when I was in camo vs blaze orange

  • Take at least 100 shells with you

    • Doves are a small, extremely agile target, you will miss a lot

    • The biggest mistake is thinking you can run back to the truck for more shells. When you do, the doves will probably leave and your hunting may be over for the day

  • Look for old wooden fence lines or corrals

    • Doves love sitting on the posts

    • If a corral forms a box or triangle, sit around the outside of it with your hunting partners, standing about 20-30 yards from the fence. Pass shot the doves as the fly by you. If done correctly the doves should fly from one hunter to the next hunter until you have shot most of them

  • Look for power lines

    • Doves love sitting on power lines

    • Walk slowly along the power lines. Often doves will fly off of them into fields

  • Swing Through Leads

    • Start behind the dove and swing through it create your lead

      • This will allow you to adjust if the dove dives suddenly

Lead farther than you think you need to

-Tim Berges, Fall Obsession Field Staff

Samuel Thrash