Kevin Johansen


Kevin Johansen

Proudly Serving Fall Obsession Since 2015
Level V Pro Staff, Representative
Jacksonville, FL


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From Kevin:

It all started with a Red Ryder BB gun and a Mickey Mouse fishing pole. Dad used that gun as an opportunity to teach fundamentals, while my cousin and I used it to hone our skills hunting backyard squirrels. Soon after we were fishing for bream and bass in the ditch behind my house, all the while contemplating the edibility of the various catches (probably owe our life to never eating something from that water). These early days of “wild suburbia” are when I’d say my love for the outdoors was born. Patience, determination, success, and most importantly failure were all lessons learned and now appreciated. These memories not only keep me active in the outdoors today, but are also the reason I applied to be a member with the Fall Obsession.

 I grew up in the city of Gretna, Louisiana just outside of New Orleans. The entire southeastern tip of Louisiana is rife with hunting and fishing opportunities, which I was able to experience thanks to my father. He exposed me to freshwater and saltwater fishing, duck hunting, and off-grid living at our camp in Laffite, a small fishing village just south of New Orleans. Mom was never much for the outdoors but was always gracious enough to see us off without much grief. After college I made the move to Jacksonville, FL to be with my then girlfriend and now wife. We began kayak fishing together and learning the local waterways, which soon led to duck hunting and eventually deer/hog hunting. The latter is a new endeavor that I have really taken to. Nothing beats a flock of teal cupping in just before sunrise, but a deer walking under your stand or a hog squealing 15 yards away when you’re on foot sure come close.

I make my living as a Category Analyst with a national food manufacturer based in the Northeast. Basically my job is to help the company sell more products, to more people, in more places, and more often. If anyone checking out the Fall Obsession has questions regarding hunting, fishing, becoming a member, or just about anything else feel free to reach out. I’ll be happy to chat with you.

Thank you, and remember to cherish and respect the land and waters that give so much to us!

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