Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind Review

Are you looking for an easy to use, roomy ground blind without breaking the bank? Well look no further because the Ameristep Doghouse is the blind for you.   I picked this blind up for around $70 at my local sporting goods store, and have been very pleased with it for the price.

This spring steel pop up ground blind is perfect for a hunter who is looking for a lightweight ground blind to take in and out of the field. The blind comes with a back pack style case to carry the blind along with the tie down rope, ground stakes and “tent” poles for the roof.


The blind is super easy to get set up. Simply remove the blind from the bag and pull the sides apart and the blind practically sets itself up. With room for 2 people is was great for taking my daughter on a spring turkey hunt. With a good camouflage pattern on the exterior and black on the interior it was perfect to keep up and hidden during long sits.


Whether it’s with a bow, crossbow or rifle, this blind does not lack in shooting options either. With large windows on 3 sides of the blind, it allows for plenty of room to make a good shot. In the center of the large window you also have the option of smaller “porthole” windows that have shoot through mesh attached to them if you are looking for more concealment.  


Just as easy as the blind sets up, it is able to be taken down. Simply lay the blind flat and with a simple twist, it’s back into the bag.


My only downfall with this blind would be that I wish the full windows would have the shoot through mesh, not just the portholes. But, that is a minor setback and would fully recommend this blind to any fellow outdoorsman looking for a quick easy option for a ground blind.

-Adam Sites, Fall Obsession Field Staff