Savage A17 Review


Savage came out with a new Semi-Auto 17 HMR that really sparked my interest. I bought one about a year ago, and I have really enjoyed shooting it at the range. I bought the model that included the factory mounted Bushnell scope. The scope is designed for the 17 HMR ballistics, which makes adjustments easy. The rifle groups very well.

I really took my time and shot it a lot to get it sighted in. One major fall of the rifle is the magazine is very hard to get correctly positioned in the magazine well. It often falls out even when I thought I had it in great. I really hope Savage comes out with a new magazine that does not have the same issues.

The rifle is very light and has no felt recoil, making it a great training tool or small game hunting rifle. Shooting at 100 yards was very easy. The adjustable accu-trigger is excellent. It’s a very easy trigger to squeeze.  The free-floating barrel is a plus as well. I did notice that it really prefers the A17 CCI ammo. When using other 17 HMR ammo, it would not shoot as accurately and groups were usually around ½ to ¾” larger.  Also, with non A17 CCI ammo, the gun would fail to eject the spent round from time to time.

The rifle fit me very well and was easy to control from standing, prone, and bench rest shooting positions. Overall the rifle is a good one, and with a better fitting magazine it would be even better.

-Tim Berges, Fall Obsession Field Staff