Scott Talon Release Review

Anyone who tells you a release is just a release… they are wrong. In this review I want to talk a little about the Scott Archery Talon Release. The Talon release is a hook style release that attaches onto your string loop. Below listed is the specs of the release from the Scott Archery website.

● More tension adjustment than any other release

● The only hook style release with True Center pulling to reduce loop torque

● 100% loop clearance - no more string ticks

● Fully adjustable trigger and travel adjustment

● Grip ridges for accurate pull

● 9 different length adjustments

● Auto-reset returning hook

● Single sear design

● Zero travel

● Torque-less fall away connector strap

The Talon delivers 100% hook clearance - creating both extreme accuracy and tunability. The single sear driven; inline design of the Talon release also reduces string loop torque. This is the quality and precision you should expect from Scott Archery. The auto-returning stainless steel hook gives you an eagle-like grip. From draw to anchor - shoot straight with True Center pull and total loop clearance.

MSRP: $119.99

First thing I noticed right out of the package was how well this release was made. This release is made to take a beating and withstand everything that mother nature has to offer. The wrist strap is very comfortable which will only get better as it gets broken in. Moving down to the actual release itself, you can see that the engineers at Scott Archery took their time to make this release one of the best on the market. Out of the box, the Talon release was set perfect for me. Hardly any trigger travel and had a nice crisp release. The release is designed for just about any shooter. With so many options for adjustments ranging from trigger travel, trigger sensitivity, and 9 different length adjustments. With this amount of adjustment, it makes it hard for anyone to say it just doesn’t feel right.

I have used many releases throughout my archery career, and I can tell you hands down this is my favorite release. If you are looking to upgrade to a new release, I would not overlook the Talon release from Scott Archery. Price tag is competitive with the top of the line hunting releases, if not even a little cheaper.

-Anthony Sidari, Fall Obsession Field Staff