Thorogood Flyway Leather Boot Review


The Thorogood Flyway 8” leather boot is a great early season hunting boot. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight at only 3.9 pounds. The flyway features Thorogood’s X Stream waterproofing. I have been wearing mine almost daily since last December and have not experienced wet feet yet. I use them for work on the railroad, which is very rough on the soles of boots.

Throughout the spring I wore them turkey hunting and shed hunting, walking as much as 10 miles per day without any discomfort. The outsole is surprisingly good on steep hills with good traction as long as mud doesn’t collect in the tread. The only negative thing I have to say about these boots is excessive tongue material which caused a little discomfort during the first week of use. I clean and treat them often with a quality leather cleaner and beeswax, which further waterproofs the leather. This is a quality boot made in the USA that will last for years with proper care.

Jason Wandling, Fall Obsession Field Staff