Hunter's Specialties Scent Wafers Review


There are plenty of methods out there to cover up your scent.  Products ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. So for the past couple of years I have been messing around with the Hunter’s Specialties Scent Wafers.  My main focus was to find other methods of using the scent wafers, opposed to pinning them on your hat or close by while in the hunting stand.  It's an affordable method of scent control and an alternative to using scent eliminator sprays.

Step 1: Wash your hunting clothes using scent free detergent just like you normally would and according to the manufacturer tag.

Step 2: Take a heavy duty, non scented 50 gallon garbage bag and line your hunting tote.

Step 3: Once the clothing is done being washed and is properly dry, take the clothing and put them in the tote.

Step 4: Take the scent wafers and spread them throughout the inside of the garbage bag.

Step 5: Close up the garbage bag and put the lid on the tote.

During the hunting season, I keep my tote in the back of my truck.  I put my clothes on while I’m at the truck, and take them off when I come out of the woods.  

- Anthony Sidari, Fall Obsession Field Staff