Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube Review


The Wapiti Whacker from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is by far the best elk bugling tube I have used to date. It will create all the sounds, including the screaming challenge. It will also give a good location, and display sounds of an elk. This call utilizes the V.E.T.T. Calling System located in the mouth end opening, creating better back-pressure to assist you in easier to obtain note changes. With a little practice you can bugle with confidence.

The V.E.T.T. System utilizes a perfectly sized spring placed in the front area of the call, creating more volume to better sustain high notes with less air pressure while blowing into the call. I am in no way a professional bugler, but this call gets me more realistic elk sounds than any other call I’ve used. I highly recommend it.

Is it September yet?

-Joshua Bonfiglio, Fall Obsession Field Staff